πŸ’žπŸ’•Dearest Barbie Dearheart πŸ’•πŸ’ž

As she journeys through the storm,each step taken announces her fear, yet her boldness encourages their confusions. Coldness wraps his arms around her yet she succumbs not to chills then shivers,burning deep within her is the flameπŸ”₯ of her quest to survive. Her faith is her lamp for the sunπŸŒ„ has run out of time walking away with day and darkness carpets the sky inviting the moon who compels the clouds to gradually loose their whitish glow so they blend into the nights sky. As the lightening ⚑ strikes she notices the light which helps her faith. The storms will pass away she whispers to herself, the sun will return with day her heartπŸ’“ believes. She is weary yet forges on,as the thunder rumbles in a loud voice,her loneliness is defeated. She’s fully aware of nature’s faithful companionship. She welcomes the rains drenching her through and through, but knows the water is only being friendly as it soaks her wet. The night seems long she wonders, will I be able to hold on much longer she confesses to herself realising that she grows wearier as time steals the hours away. She lifts up her eyes and the rains help the tears down her cheeks. Looking up her heart births a prayer that travels through her lips maturing into words{The Lord is with me} she prays for herself. A soothing voice whispers in melody,I’m as close as you believe . My Princess,My Dearheart ,I dwell in you and you in me, we are one, I am you and you, Me. I feel every pain. My closure knows no distance. My love knows no boundary. I am The Lord, your Father, your Maker. I know beyond the storm. The earth is timed by my order. I am who I am. I am today, I am tomorrow, I am forever I neither slumber nor sleep. I am with you till forever ❀ .Her peace is found in HIM, the strength sustaining her is HIS. In HIM she is whole. A smile lit up her face as she felt the first ray pierce through the pale sky lightening it up, the warmth caressing her face did comfort her much .The rays continually followed in appearance forming a harmony of light,and in no time the lightless dark grey sky bowed to the power of light. She felt the cold leave her, a new day is eminent she saw afar off. The fresh warm breeze blew pass her announcing the morning. When her gaze met the eastern orange skies,her eyes lit with joy with her heart appreciating this rare beauty for she knew the rising of the sun lies beyond the dawn ushering in a new dayπŸŒΊβ›…πŸŒΊ

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, and before thou cometh forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a Prophet unto the nations

The universe is formed by GOD, the earth is but one of the many beautiful creations of Jehovah. On earth GOD has placed man to live in existence to serve HIM. God blesses the earth with some of HIS most special creations. They are really beautiful inside out. We have all come to know some really special persons who inspire us to be the best of who we are by simply being who they are. I know a beautiful soul with a heart of pure gold,she twinkles brightest in the Lord sky. With a deep endless love for God, she overcomes the raging storms. 😊Who’s she!!! 😊, I’m truly humbled to say, she is who GOD created her to be, She is the Lords Heartbeat,She is HIS Dearheart.

Stories have been told centuries ago, they tell of how truly great a King is by who his princes and princesses grow up to be. Tales of this truth have evolved throughout history to these present twelvemonth time frames. A great man is known by who his sons and daughters are. A wise princess is simply who her father is.

As time journeys on, The Lovers of wisdom and by this I mean philosophers have tried to predict you in totality, scholars also learned persons who are jokingly called bookmen literally, because their always seen with books,they have read all they can about you, yet are unable to find you in any book, scientists who delve into research and logic, trying tirelessly to explain the fathom of the basic meaning of all you are fail to appreciate you, then the historians writing folktales over the years have tried to define you with words but they seem to be running out of words. A chronicler, one who writes the chronicles of persons like you surviving the odds of this earth, and soaring above it all with the wings of faith and trust in God,is unable to believe who you are πŸŒΉπŸ˜‡πŸŒΊ.

The Philosophers, scientists, scholars, historians and the chronicler marvel at who Barbie is, countless animated movies are always being made to show the world bits and pieces of who she is , yet they continually wander at her perfect personality. Barbie is her Father’s precious jewel. Barbie is Jehovah’s sunshine. She is the heart of Love, The pride of Time, the delight of the Creator. The meaning that describes the All knowing then All Powerful God. Many are confused, shocked then marvel at her courage, her bold confidence overwhelms them. Their disbelief deprives them of the faith to believe in how special she is formed in love by the I AM’s hands. She glows of her strength in Jesus,making her unable to explain how she survives yet knowing it’s God. I know how mighty God is as Wisdom, I know how great God is as Power, I know how affectionate God is as Love,I know how radiant God is as Light, I know how timeless God is as Time, I know how supreme God is as the I Am, I know how majestic God is as King for you are HIS princess, HIS dearheart. Knowing you explains GOD. As life advances, The time comes when a fierce battle lies ahead ,at such moments the Lord takes with HIM, HIS faithful heirs,those whose trust lie with HIM in love, they are HIS best warriors. The Lord chooses carefully when battles begin with the devil, for HE knows fully well that during such battling times there may be deep wounds suffered, pain will be unbearable, scares will be permanent, sacrifices will be costly, then there’s a reality in the honesty of who passes on to glory in the process. The Lord needs to know this, when such terrible happenings befall us as we stand in battle with HIM. Is HE going to be rejected?, Are we going to keep up faith trusting and believing in HIS faithfulness?Are we going to walk away from HIM, are we going to hold on to HIM, are we going to allow HIS comfort ease our pain and wipe our tears. This physical world is controlled by the Spiritual realm with GOD as King. GODS love is deep,the enemy will only touch the princess to hurt the King. When HIS dearheart was exposed to pain, The King of kings felt her pain,The Lord was broken, HIS Holy Spirit grieved, be it all good for a cherished son had walked through the gates of heaven to be with HIM. Yet as HE held onto him, wrapping him in HIS arms so tight, They both felt her pain then heaven knew silence. Will pain take my princess away the Lord asked HIS council. God was so scared of loosing Barbie to pain. HE sent down a host of Angels to HIS princess.

A true daughter she was, Barbie saw pass her pain. Her Father’s joy remains her strength. She chose to stand on Christ her solid rock for she knew all other ground was sinking sand. Even when the peaceful oceans she knew suddenly began to roar with mighty waves that sort to drown her joy leaving her sad stared her in the face, she didn’t fall apart, she held herself together believing the turbulent oceans would fall at her feet for her Father is the King of nature and the oceans hear HIS voice. She stood in faith trusting the Lord to direct her path. She confessed with her heart the name Jesus, then the roaring oceans bowed at her feet recognizing the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

When the dark clouds covered her sun, the light that lit up her life with peace and laughter gradually faded away. Barbie’s world turned dim, she found herself lost in life for her joy grew sad, she did not know the path that formed her life’s journey anymore. Joy and sadness are two very different emotions, joy turned sad isn’t a process you simply ease into, it’s comfort depriving then creates a situation where ones familiar path becomes very unusually strange. With such an unexpected turn in her life, she knelt before Yahweh then allowed the tears down her cheeks, her innocence echoed through each tear forming the prayers that asked the questions her heart needed answers to. In a state where no answer explains her questions, GOD is answer enough. She worships in her confusing praying through her pain to the never changing Creator. HE who knows the earths lifespan and the eternal inheritance of creation. Now is HIS, The Future is HIS, Forever is HIS. The Living God is so real, ever true. What a Mighty GOD we serve. The devil was cast down zillions of years ago. Barbie appreciates an understanding of the truth that reveals the Divine Supernatural interpretation of happenings on earth. Anytime there’s an evil turn in life affecting us so much on earth, the devil is the known source and we feel defeated. However the reality is this, Jesus won over darkness on the cross. The powerful blood shed on the cross of Calvary seals our victory in Christ. GOD is forever in control. The devil is a defeated enemy. No matter what comes our way , our life is in HIS Hands. HE creates our destiny in the continues writing of HIS plans for our lives here on earth then in heaven A blessing from GOD she is, a rare gem indeed.

Precious and truly divine,beauty majestic in nature explains her. Greatness birth’s greatness. The womb of the Princess of Throne of Grace blesses our earth with Rulers of Nations. The sons of the Lords Grace, Love and Honour. Bearing the mark of Glory. They will rise to become the truth that is written in their destinies. They form the center of His love. They are born Kings who will reign in His power and wisdom. As a true Guardian,she protects them through her forever prayer manual. She dedicates them to her Father who jealously watches over them. She is a beautiful mother at heart πŸ’•πŸ’•,she warms the heart of many with her compassion, care and love.

Growing up I watched and still watch a lot of Barbie animated movies. Barbie is always so kind, bold, brave, loving, caring, peaceful, understanding, never gives up ,helpful, encourages others, supportive, wise, reliable, prayerful,and so so beautiful. I always believed Barbie existed only in movies. However I sit to write today about The Lords Dearest Barbie, she is not an animated movie character but a truly beautiful soul who is all I’ve written and more. All the beautiful words of virtue are not enough to describe who she is, getting to know her is my miracle because knowing who she is helps me believe in GOD’S loving faithfulness. Her life is an inspiration and I’d love to thank her so much, for being the best of who she is , As she found herself by finding out her strength is sourced from simply being Barbara ❀. We are also inspired to believe, knowing we can also pull through seemingly sad turns of life. Cheers to you princess πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’ž. We owe it to you. Forgetting you is an incapability for you’ve won our hearts with your love for GOD,your courage and kind heart. The Star that rises from the west shining to make the night look like day makes the setting of the sun seem like Its rising. A heart that is stronger than pain. A will that overrides sorrow. An Angel that shows what the peace of GOD means. A heart that knows GOD in truth. When I see you I know who peace is, then where love dwells. ❀❀❀

A beautiful pearl, a peculiar maiden, the fairest of them all. A star of greatness, strength and love. A timeless beauty radiant in the Lords glory and in every way . A pillar of prayer and faith. A precious gift to all of humanity. The words of your heart forms the paths that leads many to finding themselves. The world has seen none like you. Understanding you is knowing GOD. A rare blessing from the throne room of GOD. A true princess of The Creator, one who explains who HE is by being who she is. You are The Lords bundle of pure joy πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’ž

Joshua 1:8

The book of the Lord shall not depart out of thy mouth, thou shall meditate therein day and night that thou mayeth observe to do according to all that is written therein, for then thou shall thy way be prosperous, and then thou shall have good success. Amen 🌸

The LORDS beautiful purple touch of nature is a special gift from HIS heart πŸ’žπŸ’• to HIS Princess. GOD loves you Barbie. HE loves you much 😊.

May GOD bless you so much for reading about The Lords beautiful princess. I shared with you two of Barbie’s amazing Bible verses. I pray it transforms your lives like it did mine. Do celebrate the beautiful people GOD blesses your lives with for they are true gifts for Yahweh. I love you all very much 😊.

Rudelle 🌺

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