Twinkle Twinkle Precious You
How I Wonder At Your Worth
If Only You Could See, What We See As You Are.
Shining As Bright As Ever
Twinkle Twinkle One And Only You
Look Deeper
Search Deeper
Find That You,You Do Not Know
You Need To Marry The You, You Know To The You, You Do Not Know Exist
For To Know Your Worth Is Knowing Your Place.
Twinkle Twinkle Priceless Treasure
The Truth Being That You Are Who You Are Is True.
But Be That As It May, The Truest Reality Is This, You Are All You Are Being All Of You.
Twinkle Twinkle Gorgeous Star
Embody Your Worth With Purpose And Pride.
Breaking Free To Shine As Bright As Diamond💎.

Freedom is liberty, a sense of uncontraint, the act of being in control, the ability to make your own decisions, the will to decide on your own choices, a state of not being enslaved by whomever.You owe it to yourself to be your own master, one who is free to take risks, making mistakes and learning from them.You do not have to explain yourself to the many critics.If you want me to name a world with no critics, I’m afraid we would be faced with the harsh reality of such a world not existing,”Disappointing but True”.

The criticisms will come the critics are real.However loosing yourself amidst all the criticisms and tuning to the music of the crowd(the mases) then dancing to please the multitude, the endless sea of people is what concerns me. I hate to break it to you Sweety but truth is ‘You Can’t Please Everyone’,you simply can’t. Do you want the approval and acceptance of people who don’t even notice you. People who don’t see you. People who are unaware of your extistance.These people most often do not care about what makes you happy. Their interest lies in the benefits you come with, and by this I do not mean team work and patnership to succeed by achieving goals but a rather the selfish quest of using others to attain selfish ambitions.

Think long and think hard,look yourself in the mirror,take a second look and a third. Who are you! What do you see! If you think of yourself as that person whose happiness depends on others and you see yourself as that person who needs the approval of others to blend in. You may have not thought hard enough and you have certainly not had a better look if not the best.

Embrace the habit of listening to yourself even at the times when you doubt and discourage yourself, learn to encourage yourself ,talk yourself out of self doubt, shake of the negative feeling,pity the thought of self-pity. Make no time for those who mock the ideas that are still a work in progress. This life will not go waste, you life will not go waste. The story is not over because a chapter has ended. Celebrate the little achievement, be proud of the academic journey and the little academic accomplishments.

Appreciate the kind guestures, the helping hand, the team effort, the shoulder to lean on, the people who listen, the people who share a meal, the people who go the extra mile. Appreciate the little things because blessings come in disguise.Give people the chance to prove themselves, do not write them off immediately, take a second look and even a third, give them room to express themselves. Allow me share this wise saying “Do not judge a book by its cover”. It is also of utmost importance that you do not write yourself off. Tell me, if you do not believe in yourself who will. Trust me if you do not believe in yourself no one will. Be your own cheer leader.Party yourself away sometimes in any case a little fun hurts no one. Be the only one who has the greatest pash on YOU😊. And like I always say “Nobody Loves Me Like Me”

Be the Committed Doer of all the things that excite you, the things that truly make you happy. I cannot promise you a life with no sadness at all, even the sweetest fruit taste sour sometimes. However, choose to approach life with faith and trust in GOD, choose to approach life with a positive mindset,a determined heart and a purpose driven spirit. Be enthusiastic and optimistic in your way of thinking, see the class as half full and not half empty. Make the decisions that really matter,the decisions that set your dream on course.

No one can see the kind of future you see for yourself. Half the time they can’t even imagine it after you’ve taken time to explain in details. They can only see the dream you live, so do not only dream of your dreams. Live your dreams as well, carry out the daily plans that takes you a day closer to the place where your dreams become a reality. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail for We fall to rise again,We live to fight another day.

As the earth revolves around the sun,nothing has come to an end. At least not yet, indeed everything that has a beginning has an end, but note this”it only ends when it begins”. Why end your hustle when you haven’t even started living your dream. The excuses why you cannot make it are the very reasons why you must make it. Allow the “nay sayers” keep at what they do best while you also keep at what you do best and that is “turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to all they do and say”!!! See it’s that easy. Simply put “Let Them Talk”, after all there is nothing new under the sun. Their constant bias and discouraging criticism is no news. By GOD’S grace we sail through it all with Christ our solid rock. We will not end our determination to materialise our dreams. The hustle will not end until the dreams come true and that is that. Any situation that will gear us off course is not a place we intend on staying for long and is definitely not an option we are considering.

Be grateful for the bed you lie on after a long day’s work. If I’m being honest the bed that serves as a serene place for sleeping to rest away the stress should encourage you to work harder. So at night when you lie down peacefully,”PRAY🙏🏻” then as sleep begins to drape over your mind in a thick cobweb, the faces and scenes from your busy day will play out in your minds eye😊,think about how the day went by not wanting to change a thing for you made the most out of it. Cheer up at the thought of the new day that lies ahead knowing your quest continues.

Twinkle Twinkle star you are, Shine your worth, Shine with pride For the sky knows a zillion stars Yet acknowledges their individual peculiarity. You are the only you this world has. You need to break free to break out and break through to stand out. Wow that’s a lot of breaking but more seriously you need to break all you must to shine like you should so that others can also find their way because within your destiny lies the destiny of others.

You cannot afford to fail because when you fail, what will happen to all those waiting for you to shine so they find their way. Their destiny will not see the light of day. If you do not live your dream. The idea that will help create their dreams will never form. Who are you if not your dream.Where will they be if not for you. Run beyond all odds, race against self-pity keep at it and win,soar above criticisms on the wings of truth,lean on the shoulder of friendship,build on the foundation of prayer, dwell in the love of GOD,suit up with the support of family. Everything will fall in place for the Lord is your shepherd. If the Lord be for you who can be against you,HE is the pillar that holds your life, Your GOD in whom you trust,at the mention of the name JESUS every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that HE is LORD. With GOD all things are possible,all things work together for the good of them that Love HIM,all things are working for your good. With God what must be will be😊😘💓😍😎.

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